Call for papers 2022

The Annual Conference of GITMA invites papers in all areas of Information Systems and Information Technology. Submit your paper before May 10th.

They include but are not limited to: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cross-Cultural Issues, Data Analytics, Digital Divide, Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Digital Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion, Education, Electronic Commerce, Emerging Technologies, Fintech, Green IT, Health IT, Human Resources in IS, Internet of Things, IT & Business Value, IT in Developing Countries, IT Management & Planning, Mobile IT, Open Source Software, Security & Privacy, Societal Issues, Social Media, Software Development, Strategic IS.


Papers judged as high quality by the reviewers will be considered for publication on an expedited basis in the Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM) and Journal of Information Technology Cases & Applications Research (JITCAR).

GITMA 2022 Tracks

Please, consider visiting our Track Chairs page to learn more from them.

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Companies Participating


GITMA 2022 Conference Hotel

The conference hotel is Haus Suites Santa Fe, located In the beautiful and modern district of Santa Fe, in Mexico City (Prolongación Reforma 1190, Santa Fe, 05349 Ciudad de México). The hotel is located in one of the most iconic places and streets in Mexico City; Avenida Santa Fe, which is famous for its big and modern buildings and beautiful park called La Mexicana.

Some amenities and places of interest near the hotel are:

  • Starbucks Coffee Shop across the street
  • A restaurant, convenience store, ATM and a spa within the hotel building
  • 20+ restaurants within easy walking distance
  • Easy walking distance to one of the most iconic parks in the city: La Mexicana
  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi

Transportation from the hotel to the venue and from the venue to the hotel will be provided.

Link to book your room at Haus Suites: HERE

Haus Suites Santa Fe
Hotel Address: 
Prolongación Reforma 1190
Santa Fe, 05349 Ciudad de México.

The Venue – Tec de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe

The Annual Conference of GITMA 2022 will be held in Tec de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe (Av Carlos Lazo 100, Santa Fe, La Loma, Álvaro Obregón, 01389 Ciudad de México), located less than 5 minutes from the conference hotel Haus Suites.

Tecnológico de Monterrey is one of the best universities in Mexico, Santa Fe Campus is located on the western edge of Mexico City in the area of Santa Fe which is probably the fastest growing business district in Mexico. Today it counts with over 4,500 students enrolled in High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate Programs.

On the Campus you will find:

  • More than 1200 m2 cafeteria area, several “snacks” options
  • 2 libraries
  • Science and engineering labs
  • Computer labs
  • Free Parking
  • Soccer and basketball field, tennis, and volleyball

About Mexico City

Below are some facts about Mexico City that may be of interest to you to start preparing yourself for this amazing experience.

Our Last Experience in Mexico City

The Annual Conference of GITMA 2018 was hosted in Mexico City by Gustavo Parés, named this year the President of GITMA. The venue was Tec de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe and it included 12 Master Conferences, more than 30 research papers presented, 1 hackathon for students hosted by NDS Cognitive Labs, 1 touristic visit to the pyramids and special places in Mexico City, and more than 250 assistants. See some footage of the experience below.

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