Health IT


We will analyze the human, social, communicational, and psychological dimensions of eHealth Interventions and how Behavioral Design techniques can contribute to successful intervention in different areas of Health thorough IT

We will share knowledge’s and best experiences and prospective ideas about how to apply different Behavioral Change strategies from different theoretical and applied approaches

We want to share research results and experience in (but not only): Healthy Habits Programs & IT, Health Literacy & IT:  IT programs to improve Patients Adherence, and improve Doctors & Patients Communication, Behavioral Design in Health Promotion and ICT campaigns, Patient-Centered Research, Humanization in Healthcare.


The track welcomes papers addressing the following and other technology-related topics:

·         Health Literacy

·         Patient Medication & Treatment Adherence

·         Behavior Design

·         Patient-Centered Research

·         Health Communication & IT

·         Patient engagement

·         Patients & Doctors Communication

·         Humanization of Healthcare

·         Healthy Habits

·         Healthy Lifestyles

·         Quality of life

·         Health Promotion & IT