Big Data


The information explosion has caused ripple effects in all industries and affected our daily lives both at home and at the office. In the information economy, information has become the new definition of value. All forms of organizations and governments are experiences challenges related to the characteristics of Big Data, the related processes, and the management thereof. These challenges impact the potential value that can be derived from the data. Effective data management tools and techniques are needed in order to obtain valuable information from Big Data, which can therefore provide value and insights to support decision-making in any organization.

The proposed track aims at facilitating debates regarding the benefits and challenges of Big Data, particularly with regards to two fundamental questions – 1) With all the information available, is the quality of people’s lives improving or are they declining?; and 2)  Do the various stakeholders in society agree on what this value is?

We invite researchers and practitioners to share their scientific insights and practical applications related to the research addressing these questions. Students, practitioners, and researchers are invited to contribute papers to contribute to the body of knowledge of Big Data, the information economy, and a wide range of related fields. These fields include Big Data research trends, applications of Big Data management models, and data efficiency in the information economy, Submissions related to the impact or value experienced, in a social, environmental or economic context, by these applications are also welcomed.


The track welcomes papers addressing the following and other big data related topics:

·         Big Data Analytics (including social media analytics)

·         Big Data Architecture

·         Big Data Modelling

·         Big Data As A Service

·         Big Data for Vertical Industries (Government, Healthcare, etc.)

·         Big Data Open Platforms

·         Big Data for data driven decision making

·         Applications of Big Data for Smart City initiatives

·         The Big Data value chain

·         Big Data for Business Model Innovations and Analytics

·         Big Data in Enterprise Management Models and Practices

·         Social media Big Data and social media analytics

·         Big Data in government management models and practices