Track Information

Digital Transformation


Jose Benitez


Companies and executives are receiving a high pressure from competitors, customers, employees, and suppliers to execute digital transformation initiatives. Understanding the ingredients of the design and execution of digital transformation strategies have become a top-of-mind for both executives and IS scholars. The Track on Digital Transformation of GITMA 2020 welcomes your best research on the understanding of firm’s digital transformation initiatives and strategies, and how firms can create business value from these initiatives/strategies. Both conceptual and empirical papers are welcomed. The Track is also open in terms of the research methods to be used. Papers positioned in the fields of IS, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Strategy, and Marketing are especially welcomed. We plan to have 1-2 sessions on this Track with 3-4 papers to be discussed on each session. Do not hesitate to contact with the Track Chair for additional information.


  • Pressure and motivations for firms to invest in digital resources.
  • Design and execution of digital transformation initiatives and strategies.
  • Traditional and disruptive technologies for digital transformation.
  • Ingredients of the business transformation.
  • Business value of digital transformation.
  • Business value of social media, mobile, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence-driven business strategies.
  • Managerial and theoretical models for digital business transformation.
  • Digital business strategy and models.
  • Digital disruption impact on industries.
  • Digital disruption strategies.
  • Digital innovation and competitive advantage.
  • Firm’s IT security challenges for digital transformation.
  • IT and organizational capabilities for digital transformation.
  • Organizational theory and digital transformation.
  • Latest research methods in the discipline for digital transformation.