Track Information

Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Pierluigi Rippa


"Alexa: play Madworld by Gary Jules". 

More and more current futuristic scenarios are changing consumers' lifestyles and choices. New businesses are increasingly imbued with digital technologies, from 3D printing to augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, from the cloud to your apps. But how these technologies are influencing the development dynamics of new businesses is still a field open to theoretical and empirical studies. Digital entrepreneurship is defined as creating new ventures and transforming existing businesses by developing novel digital technologies and/or novel usage of such. The increasingly digitalized environment has led to a changed living situation characterized by economic growth, job creation and innovation, and opened new possibilities to train the next generation of entrepreneurs creating new possibilities for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. 

What business models are required to build a digital enterprise? What new interactions between once distant actors are being generated? The generativity of new technologies makes these scenarios exponential, and therefore it is appropriate to discuss future strategic choices today.


The track welcomes papers addressing the following and other technology related topics:


·         Digital entrepreneurship

·         Digital innovation

·         Digital academic entrepreneurship

·         Digital transformation

·         Digital business model

·         Digital innovation ecosystem

·         Digital entrepreneurial ecosystem

·         Entrepreneurship in a digital world

·         Digital entrepreneurship process

·         Platform strategies

·         Entrepreneurship education

·         Social digital entrepreneurship

·         Digital innovation

·         New innovation practices and processes