Track Information

Blockchain Technology


Jean-Fabrice Lebraty


Born with bitcoin in early 2008, blockchain became a hot topic not only in computer science but also in information systems management, in law studies or in finance. Academic research on blockchain is now well establish and special issues or even dedicated academic journals emerge. The aim of this track is double. On one side proposing a state of the art of blockchain and its multiples applications. From cryptocurrencies to ICOs or managing security on social networks, the field is large and case studies are relevant. The current case of Libra could provide the basis for an exciting debate. On the other side defining robust theoretical framework for blockchain is still a work in progress. For example, is blockchain a technology as other technologies or is it a specific technology requiring specific academic models? The debate is still open. Proposing new models or applying existing models but from other disciplines will be appreciated.

This track on blockchain will cover the main level in information systems, meaning a technical one focusing on hardware as algorithms (smart contracts for example). The second layer will concern the applications based upon blockchain. The third layer will be human / cognition centered. The question of trust or perceived security can be raised. Finally, at organizational level, the impact of blockchain on existing business model will be interesting to study and discuss.


The track welcomes papers addressing the following and other technology related topics:


·         Blockchain, main concepts

·         Financial applications and cryptocurrencies

·         ICOs and tokenization

·         A ledger for what purpose?

·         Smart contract

·         Implementing blockchain in a company

·         Startup natural born blockchain’s

·         Blockchain in a Business model canvas

·         Trust

·         Security

·         Hacking blockchain

·         Theoretical framework for blockchain