Track Information

Strategic & Management Issues in IS


Michael Raisinghani


Strategic and competitive considerations have long been separated from the technological innovation activities of the firm due to the complexities involved in integrating technology and innovation issues into the firm’s overall strategic planning.  The key question is what will it take to be a success in the business environment of tomorrow?  Three forces account for most of the convergence of business strategy with organizational structure and information systems. They are rapid innovation of new information technologies, widespread creation of new ideas and concepts about information itself, and extensive development of new information-intensive organizational forms and business strategies.  As more countries join the ranks of the industrialized nations, the sophistication of the global market and number of global competitors have eliminated any advantage to a simple presence in international markets. Companies tied to the information economy are typically global from their inception - the Internet does not permit them to compete in only national markets. At the same time we see massive consolidations of industries from automobiles to banking to pharmaceuticals to cell phones and Internet service providers around the globe. Today the international/global/multinational/transnational organization must employ strategic thinking to compete successfully.  The focus of this track will be on understanding the fundamental conditions of the industry and the firm in order to generate and sustain a competitive strategy.


Papers (completed or in-progress: about 20 double spaced pages), extended abstracts (completed or in-progress research: about 4-6 pages), panel and workshop proposals (2-4 pages) include (but not limited to) the following topics are invited.   Please mention the name of this track on the cover page. Topics include, but are not limited to:


·         Impact of e-business on transnational/MNEs

·         Effects of digital networks on products and services

·         Best practices in strategic global IS management and global competition 

·         Cultural difference between/within global companies 

·         Managing intellectual capital in MNEs

·         Impacts of Cultural, Political, and Economic Issues 

·         Building strategic NII infrastructures  

·         Global IT Strategy in Multinational Enterprises

·         Knowledge Management / Multinational IT Resource Management

·         Speed of change & sustainability

·         Impact of regulation/deregulation

·         Shareholder demands 

·         Case studies of strategic applications in global IS