Track Information

Societal Issues and Digital Divide


Ben Yeo


The ubiquity of information technologies (IT), synonymous with information systems (IS), have transformed societies and are touted to drive modern societies and businesses. However, despite this strong belief, various aspects of digital life are not universal. Regions around the world, including pockets of the developed world, lack the necessary resources to leverage IT for their own successes on various fronts, including social, economic, political, and others. This phenomenon, a digital divide, reflects the inequality between the haves and have nots, not merely in terms of access to IT, but also digital capital, and IT literacy, among others, that are related to social mobility, economic development, business performance, e-government, and such. Although this is not a new topic, it continues to be central to socio-economic policies amidst rapid technological advancements, as governments and stakeholders attempt to bridge this gap. To encourage discourse and solutions, this proposed track extends an invitation to scholars and practitioners to share their scholarship, insights, and applications to extend our understanding of the digital divide and the corresponding societal issues. Empirical and theoretical work from different levels of analyses – global, societal, industrial, organisational, groups, and individual – that address a wide range of societal issues are welcome.


The track welcomes manuscripts covering the digital divide or a societal technological issue that is related to, but not limited to, the following topics:



·         Social inclusion

·         IT education

·         Socio-economic development

·         eGovernment

·         Organisational performance

·         User experience

·         Causes of a digital divide (or a similar societal technological issue)

·         Social responsibility

·         Research methods on a digital divide (or a similar societal technological issue)

·         Social responsibility/corporate social responsibility

·         History of the digital divide

·         IT policies

·         Implications of a digital divide (or a similar technological issue)

·         Case studies of technological projects addressing the digital divide (or a similar societal technological issue)

·         Theoretical studies on the digital divide (or a similar technological issue)