Track Information

Big Data and Data Analytics


Kadir Hiziroglu


The concept of big data and analytics in different application domains have been of significant importance in the last decade. Big Data and Data Analytics track aims to contribute to the area in a multidisciplinary context covering the research perspectives including conceptual and methodological, technological, managerial and economic, as well as application domains. Towards this aim, topics from both operational and managerial aspects of analytics and big data are covered. From the operational aspect problems, issues, and challenges as well as pertaining technological solutions/models for the topics such as data crawling, data diversity and volume, data quality, data privacy and security, data preprocessing and mining of data; from the managerial aspect considerations including cost, investment, value, impact, implementation and innovation are encouraged to apply to the track. Within this context, papers based on theoretical and empirical/behavioral researches are welcome to cover any of the following topics (not limited to);



  1. Managerial and Organizational Aspects of Analytics

  2. Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Analytics

  3. Business Strategy, Innovation and Analytics

  4. Value, Impact and Analytics

  5. Investing in Analytics

  6. Managing and Operating Big Data

  7. Big Data Processing and Quality

  8. Big Data Governance, Privacy and Security

  9. Big Data and Data Science

  10. Big Data and Cloud Technology

  11. Big Data and Soft Computing

  12. Big Data and Machine Learning

  13. Modeling, Optimization and Analytics

  14. Simulation and Visual Analytics

  15. Real Time Analytics

  16. Social Media Analytics

  17. Analytics in Service Operations

  18. Analytics in Manufacturing Industries

  19. Analytics in Public Administration Domain

  20. Analytics for Societal Problems