Track Information

IT in Developing Countries


Vishal Shah


The research on Information Systems in Developing countries is of critical importance for their economy to succeed. As has been observed, the IT investments in developing nations tend to be on the operational side rather than strategic side. Regardless of whether these investments are on the strategic side or on the operational side, they are often made to gain competitive advantage. Thus, studying Information Systems and/or IT investments in emerging markets is important for practitioners and researchers alike. While there has been great improvement in IT research focused on developing and emerging markets, most work is still concentrated on limited set of developed countries in North America and Europe. This may be due to the fact that many leading academic institutions are in North America and Europe.


Increasingly, IT investment in the emerging markets originates at firms based in developed countries. Thus, these types of investments also influence the economies of developed nations. It becomes important to study IT investment in emerging markets and contrast them with the developed nations. This track welcomes such research. It must be noted that this track is not limited to IT investment research in emerging markets such as Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, but welcomes any IT research from these regions as the country context may impact the outcomes.


The track welcomes papers addressing the following, but is open to other IT-related topics so long as emerging markets play a central role in the article



·         IT investment studies in emerging markets

·         Change Management Challenges in IT implementation

·         Project Management as it relates to ICTs in developing nations

·         Transforming Cities with IT (such as the implementation of E-government)

·         Role of Ethics in Information Systems across cultures

·         Cultural factors impacting IT implementations

·         User Experience Design differences across markets