Track Information

IT & Business Value


Kwansoo Kim


The use of information technology (IT based new concepts) is increasingly becoming more significant to secure and maintain a sustainable advantage for business organizations. This track aims to examine how to co-create and capture business value from IT based new concepts and to expand our understanding regarding the impact of information technology on business value. This proposed track invites research on emerging IT to business value at both micro and macro levels. We welcome various papers that attempt to provide new insights through empirical, modelling, conceptual, simulation, case study, etc. 


The track welcomes papers addressing the following and other technology related topics:


·         Configuration, substitutability, and complementarity of IT input with other input factors in affecting business value

·         Longitudinal analysis of IT and business value

·         Direct and indirect impact of emerging IT on business value

·         Impact of different types of emerging IT input on productivity (e.g., hardware, software, and communication technologies)

·         Strategies to improve emerging IT productivity

·         Innovative methods/metrics in estimating emerging IT productivity

·         Mechanisms through which emerging IT productivity contributes to business value

·         Various moderating and mediating factors on the relationship between emerging IT productivity and business value

·         Other fundamental issues related to emerging IT productivity and how it affects business value

·         Emerging IT-enabled analysis and decision making

·         Empirical, modeling and simulation of the business value of IT based new concepts

·         Empirical, modeling and simulation of the costs and risks associated with the deployment of IT based new concepts

·         Empirical, modeling and simulation of financial, managerial, leadership, and human resources required for projects of IT based new concepts

·         Case study on the implementation of IT based new concepts for business value co-creation

·         Enabling innovative electronic business models using IT based new concepts in various sectors (e.g., healthcare, retail, manufacturing, etc.)


Note: IT based new concepts signify social media, advanced business analytics, big data, open data, internet of things, web of things, blockchain, etc.