Track Information

Human Resources in IS


Mehmet Orhan


Managing human resources (HR) in IS has never been more challenging for practitioners since the developments in information systems (IS) and information communication technologies (ICT) have accelerated rapidly in the last decade. While many new technologies enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of HR operations, their use in practice has brought many new questions, challenges and even unintended consequences to the table. The aim of this track is to address the critical and controversial issues around Human Resources in IS and to provide theoretical understanding and practical recommendations. We welcome a variety of research methods and interdisciplinary approaches, including conceptual contributions and empirical studies (both qualitative and quantitative) at individual, group and organizational levels.


The track welcomes papers that cover the following topics (non-exhaustive list):


  • Future of IT work, changing nature of work in IS
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations and HR processes and governance
  • HR Planning and job automation risks
  • Remote work practices using ICT: virtual work, outsourcing, telework
  • Digital platforms and employment relations
  • Dark side of ICT/IS use in HR practices (AI-mediated screening/hiring discrimination, workplace surveillance, facial recognition use in job interviews)
  • Ethical, social, behavioral perspectives on AI aided hiring practices
  • Human role in job automation
  • Design and organization of knowledge work
  • Reward and remuneration mechanisms of knowledge intensive work
  • Constant connectivity, technostress, technology distractions and organizational performance
  • Big data use in HR functions