Track Information

Mobile Computing


Raúl Morales Salcedo



Few areas have experienced as much rapid growth and development as the global tidal wave of ubiquitous mobile IT technology, including laptops, tablets and the always-on cell phone connectivity.  The growth in mobile IT has sparked a change in how we communicate with each other (texting to our spouse, child or colleague in the next room), our relationships with each other (sending up-to-the-minute photos of daily activities to friends), and perhaps even impacting how we think (Carr’s theory that Google might be making us stupid).  Our mobile IT platform might be isolating us more than connecting us (for instance, this is a central hypothesis of Turkle’s Alone Together research).  The mobile IT track seeks papers that explore the global impact of the burgeoning mobile IT technology.  Topics appropriate for this track include, but are not limited to the following:



  • The impact of the proliferation of cell phones and other mobile devices in developing countries
  • Evaluation of internet capable, global mobile technologies and the relative performance features of these technologies
  • The evolution of mobile technologies over time in markets, including work related to iPhone vs. Android platform adoption
  • The impacts of leapfrogging, where communities with previously highly limited internet access gain sudden and widespread access due to easily available internet- connected mobile devices
  • Global cross border limitations in disparate mobile IT platforms and standards adoption
  • Research explorations of the availability of wireless connectivity access and GNP/GDP growth relationships