Track Information

Green IT


Tim Jacks


Sustainability initiatives supported by new and innovative information systems are becoming increasingly important. Sustainability includes more than simply “Green IT”, although reducing the carbon footprint of data centers is a relevant environmental concern. Sustainability in its broader sense is part of an organization’s overall strategy to reduce risk, attract talent, create competitive advantage, and even launch new business models. Organizations are learning how to integrate financial, social, and environmental goals into an overall strategy. Information systems are typically a key component of such a strategy.


Topics in this track may include:

·         Strategic information systems that emphasize sustainability

·         Environmentalism and “green” IT

·         Regulatory compliance 

·         Social responsibility and ethical stance

·         E-government initiatives in sustainability

·         Sustainability in business process management

·         Cultural issues in sustainability

·         Technological approaches to sustainability

·         Multidimensional perspectives on sustainability