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Electronic Commerce


Buket Bora Semiz


The explosion of internet making it inevitable to examine the concept of market and customer because the concept of commercehas been redefined in today. Electronic commerce is replacing the traditional commerce rapidly. At the same time, these changes are transforming today's industrial society to an information society. E-Commerce is an accepted lifestyle of 21th century. In the last few years, probability has increased that you have heard about e-commerce in your daily life from several different sources. Many firms are advertising their E-Commerce activities by TVs, radios, and other tools. Many people are using Internet to purchase products and to obtain services they never dreamed of doing even a few years ago. Internet is making life easy for people.Electronic commerce is a concept that involves the sale and purchase of all kinds of products and services via computer technology,  electronic communication channels and the other related technologies  such as smart cards, Electronic Funds Transfer, Point of Sales Terminal. The aim of the track is discuss the all aspects of e-commerce. 


Topics include:

·         Types of e-commerce (B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C etc..)

·         Mobile commerce (m-Commerce)

·         Payment tools

·         Internet of Things

·         e-Logistics

·         Legal regulations in e-commerce

·         Internet ads

·         Electronic data interchange,

·         Secure Electronic Transactions

·         Global trade point network

·         e-commerce and social media

·         e-commerce and foreign trade

·         Effects of e-commerce on social life

·         Effects of e-commerce on economic life

·         Effects of e-commerce on social life

·         Effects of e-commerce on producers

·         Effects of e-commerce on consumers.