Track Information

Education and Training


Anil Kumar


This track explores the changes that impact IS education in higher education institutions around the world. As technology continues to disrupt and transform organizations worldwide, it is important that higher education institutions adapt to these changes and are prepared for educating students to be successful in the emerging workplace. These changes necessitate that we revisit IS curriculum, pedagogical approaches, and adopt different delivery models to enable student learning. In some cases a combination of all three may be needed. Another key change we need to consider is providing our students access to diverse range of digital educational materials that can be customized easily. Access to these materials provides the opportunity to reduce cost and at the same time provide content that is diverse. It helps students with different learning styles learn better and improves their overall learning experience.  Partnerships with industry can play a key role in developing such content.


The track welcomes papers addressing the following and other education and training related topics:


·         eLearning

·         Blended learning

·         Personalized learning

·         Open educational resources

·         Digital educational resources

·         Education-industry partnerships/collaborations

·         Emerging trends in IS education and training

·         Beyond IS education – The transition to IS professional careers

·         Relevance of IS education for organization