Track Information

Artificial Intelligence


Kyootai Lee


Organizations are beginning to take note of the rapid advances in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies can provide opportunities to increase operational effectiveness, and help efficiently develop new products and markets across a wide range of industry sectors, as well as spur new threats and challenges to the current market position of firms. Given the early stage in the development and implementation of AI, and the extent of techno-social challenges to be overcome, AI technologies are throwing questions to researchers and practitioners. Can AI increase individual and organizational performance? How do organizations better implement AI? How can our accumulated knowledge on adoption and implementation of information systems (IS) and technology (IT) be applied to the AI contexts? To facilitate debate and steer the discourse on AIs in the disciplines, this track invites researchers and practitioners to share their scientific and practical knowledge across the globe. The track aims at encouraging discussion around our understanding of AI implementations in organizations and providing guidelines for the future. Submissions can include a wide range of related topics such as implementation of AI and its impact of performance.


The track welcomes papers addressing the following topics:

·         Up-to-dated Status of AI Implementation in organizations

·         Users’ and Employees’ Appraisals of AI and their Impact on AI Usage

·         Unique Characteristics of AI Considered in Implementing AI

·         Adoption and Implementation of AI in organizations

·         Human-AI Interactions

·         Impacts of AI on Jobs and Tasks

·         Impact of AI on Users’ and Organizational Performance

·         Impacts of AI on Decision Supporting and Decision Making

·         Cross-cultural Issues in the above Areas